Star Wars: The Fist of Oppression

Jaro's Log - A Quick Rundown

We just finished meeting with the Whale, and will likely be off to other areas of this station soon enough, so for now a quick rundown of everything I’ve been through will have to suffice. I shall include tags to notes about each individual I meet. I’ll have to ask Zaeed to encrypt this information later, for now is not the time.

Landed on Coruscant
– acquired scant lodgings.
Met the Emissary in Skysitter
-was introduced to allies: Zabrak named Zaeed, Rodian named Veego, and droid NE-1
– given 3 contact names

Met Ti’landra
Met Trent
Met Wain
– first scuffle on planet

Return to Skysitter, captured
-Met Agent Elson

Elson to find Traitor to prove loyalty

Gave false info to Ti’landra
Officially met Jayden
-Learned of Agents of Ossus
Trained with Agents while allies fought Trent

Gave traitor info to Elson
-Tasked to get Imperial insider in with Emissary

Asked by Ti’landra to retrieve info from apartment
Asked by Jayden to investigate Imperial Research facility

Retrieved info from apartment
-Attacked by security droids….luckily survived

Introduced to Loya
-Asked to bring weapons dealer to justice
Requested by Bothan senator
– Asked to protect friend, Zabrak senator at dinner party

Attend dinner party
– Saved Zabrak senator
– Given limited access to Bothan Spy Net

Investigated Research facility
– First time using lightsaber on Coruscant, powers growing
– Captured Imperial clone scientist
– Handed off to Agents

Went after Weapons Dealer
– Huge firefight
– Allies able to subdue force user Scarlet Belle after falling unconscious

Contact Emissary about Elson’s request
– Told to get off-world

Went to hanger with Belle’s ship
-Fought pirates on board, remnants of Belle’s gang
-Rescued Polus Massan named Nori
-Confronted by Elson and ISB agents while loading
-Used the force to flow through the battle, cutting down Elsen behind his agents and remaining unharmed
-Forced to retreat by Imperial Jump Troopers, badly hurt by rocket

Travel to the Wheel
-Was meditating after Zaeed came out of hyperspace near an Imp. outpost

The Wheel
-Halted by security for weapons, made to pay bribes to keep them
-Learned NE-1 is a 4th gen battle droid
-Told by woman about shifty shipping job
-Acquire quarters on lower deck
-Fail to get shipping job, was given to Gammorean crew
-Met a Herglic nicknamed the Whale, given information about Trent’s whereabouts and possibility of employment in faction war.



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