Star Wars: The Fist of Oppression

Jaro's Log - Introduction

I can’t remember how long it has been since I first met up with the Emissary, but so much has occurred in the time between now and then. I should have been recording my progress on removing the Empire from power from the beginning….there was simply no truly safe time to do so on Coruscant. I have now made my way to the Wheel, relatively away from the Empire. While this location is likely no less safe, the distance between me and the heart of the Empire gives me cause to begin.

I can only hope that, by keeping this log of what has happened and recording the names of “trusted” allies and known foes, should I end up returning to the Force, this log will find its way into good hands and prove a boon to those who seek to down the Empire and restore peace and justice to this galaxy.



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