Scarlet Belle

A darling pirate with hair the color of fresh spilled blood


Scarlet Belle was a low ranking pirate captain of the Blazing Chain and an minor force adept. She had been sent on a mission to procure weapons for the Blazing Chain by making a deal with Coruscant arms dealter Tareb Tang. The arms deal was interrupted by, what she referred to as, “Jedi & Friends”. Both her and Tang were taken into custody by the heroes.

While the heroes left Tang with the Corucanti Authorities, they kept Belle for questioning. Veego wanted more information about the familiar chain emblem she had emblazoned across her abdomen while Jaro was more interested in her force abilities. She complied indicating that she was a member of the Blazing Chain and a force user who felt “Dark. Light. They’re two sides of the same coin. I use the force to get things done.”

“Jedi & Friends” were forced to decide how best to deal with their captive. Veego had no interest in killing her, but Jaro was concerned letting her go would lead the Empire to their door. Jaro meditated on the topic for many minutes, finding no solution in the force. In the end, Jaro told Belle that he would likely end her life, but today was not that day. She was rendered unconscious and continued to be in the party’s possession.

Scarlet Belle

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