Star Wars

The Fist of Oppression

It is a DARK TIME for the galaxy. It has been 5 years since Chancellor Palpatine became the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Order have been branded traitors and hunted to near extinction. Many species have has their representatives in the Senate replaced with humans who care nothing for their traditions, culture, and desires. Slavery has become commonplace for many once proud races.

There is still hope. Some members of the Galactic Empire can see what is happening, and refuse to see the ideals of the Republic die due to Palpatine’s new policies. One of these is the mysterious backer known only as the Emissary. The Emissary has organized a small group of unique individuals in an effort hinder the actions of the Imperials. Every Rebellion has to start somewhere.

Meeting for the first time, a memory wiped droid, a zabrak out for revenge, a treasure hunting rodian, and masterless padawan must decide how best to work together and what they can do to fulfill their own goals as well as those of the enigmatic Emissary…

Star Wars: The Fist of Oppression

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