Star Wars: The Fist of Oppression

Jaro's Log - The Wheel Turns

Well, that turned out to be an exciting day. We lost out on the contract and met Naagra, and then everything went downhill for a few hours.

We returned to the apartment with the idea of picking up Scarlet Belle and having her lead us out to the Blazing Chain’s base of operations. A foolish move, in retrospect, as we had no real plan to go on and no idea what we would find inside.

None of that mattered terribly much after we were ambushed right at the door of our lodgings. A Gungan, a Weequay, and an Ithorian named Bellow who had a curious, ravenous, bearlike creature attached to an energy leash. A tough fight indeed, and our fortunes grew worse after, upon returning to Naagra to ask about these assailants, we learned they had been in the employ of the “head of security” for the Grand Casino, Saavo.

Now we’ve been roped into acting as casino guards for a meager stipend and given a major job on top of that: a retrieval mission of sorts out at a supposedly derelict space station. NE-1 has the coordinates stored in her memory banks at this point.

Still, after our meeting with Saavo, which luckily didn’t end with any hostilities, we returned to our lodgings to strike out again to the Blazing Chain. More bad news. We found their now former leader, Captain Altos, drunk and unconscious in an alleyway near the entrance to the warehouse they use as a base. I used my powers to revive him, and we brought him back with us.

At the most inopportune time, Naagra called us via comlink to suggest we meet him and a potential new ally. Having just returned with Altos, we were hesitant to leave. Scarlet assured us she wouldn’t run off and would keep an eye on him, and so we set off.

And now, after that short meeting, our numbers have grown to five. At Naagra’s suggestion, we’ve added the Gand Gand to our group. He seems knowledgeable and capable and should be a boon to us.

A warning to all who come after:
It appears the Blazing Chain, which is apparently full of force adepts, is now led by and made up of members who lean strongly towards the Dark Side. While I know this group must fall, I know we are not yet powerful enough to attempt such an act.



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