Jaro Zaan


Jaro is an uncommon sight in the Jedi order: a male Togruta. However, recent events have made him even more rare. He’s a Jedi who survived Order 66.

Just five short years ago, Jaro found himself with his Master, a Kel Dor named Tokra Vass, aboard a Republic stealth vessel en route to the the Mustafar system after intercepting comm chatter indicating the main Separatist leaders were meeting on the planet. Due to the comm silence called onboard, the Spec Ops Troopers accompanying the pair of Jedi were late to get the call of Order 66 from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Master Vass, however, had felt the grand disturbance in the force as nearly the entire population of Jedi was wiped from the galaxy.

Vass and Jaro were able to defeat the majority of the troopers on the ship before they could realize what was happening. However, during the final fight Master Vass took a number of blaster bolts to the torso while shielding his Padawan from harm. Jaro finished off the last couple troopers before returning to his Master, who told him of his plan to blow the ship up over the lava lakes of Mustafar in an effort to make it seem everyone died on the ship. Tokra Vass gave Jaro his lightsaber and ordered the young Togruta to leave in the single escape pod on the vessel. Vass then whispered that Jaro needed to hide his Force abilities and survive long enough to rejoin the fight against whoever killed the Jedi.

Jaro watched through the small viewport as Vass, using the Force and his will to keep his Padawan alive, piloted the ship into the atmosphere and used the self-destruct mechanism to detonate the engines and bulkhead, destroying the ship and sending the remains to the lava world below…

Jaro Zaan

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