Short rodian with a thing for large weapons.


From a small village on Rodia, Veego has never fit in with the great hunt. He always was curious about those places he hasn’t been, more than hunting anything. As far as he was concerned the need foe hunting was over and he could go on further pursuits. Unfortunately he couldn’t leave Rodia without the governments permission. He grew up listening to his crazy uncle Suv talking about other planets and adventure far away, but he was old by the time Veego was born and everyone thought the old man was senile. Well, everyone but Veego.

But one story uncle Suv told him, in one of his more lucid moments, always stuck with Veego.

Suv was captured by slavers/pirates, and brought to some unknown planet which they used as a hideout. While he was there waiting in his cell to be sold (or whatever they planned to do with him), there was a huge shaking of the ground, some sort of seismic occurrence, that cracked open his cell. He took advantage of this and ran for it, but when he got outside he saw that there was a magnificent crystalline structure of some kind jutting out of the ground a few kilometers away, and that the pirate base was under attack by some strange creatures he had never seen before. While trying to find a unoccupied ship to get off the planet, he was hit by some shock wave which knocked him unconscious. When he woke up he was in a cell again, similar to what he was in at the pirate base. He could overhear the crew talking about how they had just left one of their bases that was strangely destroyed, but no one understood how or why, and that when their prisoner woke up they would interrogate him to find out what he knew. There was no mention in their story of any structure, but he couldn’t understand how they could have missed it.

Now Suv was well aware what kind of ‘interrogations’ these pirates were likely to use on him, and wasn’t going to stick around for it. During his escape he picked up some loose debris that would serve as a lock pick, and the pirates were in too much of a hurry to leave the site of the destroyed base to search him as vigorously as the first time he was captured. He managed to escape the pirate vessel in an escape pod when they got near another planet, and manage to continue his adventures from there.

This was Veego’s favorite story, and he vowed to try to find that planet and unravel the mystery of that structure his uncle told him about. When talking about it with his friends they just made fun of him, so when he was still barely an adult he snuck aboard the nearest foreign ship and stowed away to their next port, which happened to be the capital…


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